Who we are

At Koze Music, we provide global sync licensing and publishing administration services for a dynamic roster of artists and songwriters.

We set up shop in 2019 to combine our individual specialties and industry experience to provide a well rounded, artist-first service. We think and work internationally, representing music from around the world.

Koze’s approach is focused on meticulous and constant pitching for sync opportunities across all forms of media, and ensures our artists’ music is heard by a far-reaching global audience.

Our diverse catalog and close relationships with music supervisors and creatives across all markets, ensure that our artists will be exposed to every available opportunity - and our prolific placement history speaks for itself.

Our publishing administration services stand out from the rest. Unlike large indie publishers, we intentionally keep our catalog small - that way, our writers don't get lost in the shuffle. When they have a question, we answer it quickly; when their song blows up on Spotify we make sure we collect every penny; when a duplicate registration is created at ASCAP or BMI, we merge it. Simply put, we offer an attention to detail that larger publishers simply cannot.

We register and collect directly in the most profitable territories, while utilizing our global network of sub-publishers and partners to maximize sync opportunities and pub admin collections all around the world.

Meet our team

Illustration of Peter

Peter Suk | Head of Sync

Illustration of Patrick

Patrick Hughes | Director of Sync

Illustration of AJ

Anthony Daltorio | Head of Publishing

Illustration of Samantha

Samantha Santoyo | Sr. Sync & Pub Coordinator

Illustration of Tim

Tim Bern | International Operations