Publishing Admin

"If the indie publisher has enough clout to become a 'squeaky wheel' on your behalf... it can prevent you from getting lost in the shuffle."

- Donald Passman, All You Need To Know About The Music Industry

About Koze Admin Service

When considering a publishing administrator, finding the right fit is critical. By signing with a larger publisher, your music can easily become lost in a sea of millions of songs. Having so many songs makes it harder for them to address issues like split conflicts, which can lead to your royalties being frozen. On the other hand, smaller publishing companies can lack the necessary experience and influence to navigate the intricate landscape of the music industry.

That's where Koze excels - right in the sweet spot, providing the perfect blend of expertise, size and industry clout.

Koze intentionally represents a smaller catalog, which prevents our artists from getting lost in the mix. Our solid reputation in the industry gives us the clout to be that "squeaky wheel"; our team will follow up on the same unresolved issues as many times as it takes. At the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) for exmaple, many publishers will only register songs there - but Koze take a more active approach. We routinely access their portal to match sound recordings with our compositions, resulting in higher royalties for our clients that would otherwise remain uncollected.

At the end of the day, you can be certain that our publishing administration team will strive to find every avenue of backend income and royalties that you're owed.

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