Why use a Publishing Administrator (Pub Admin)?

Performing rights societies (like BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC) collect royalties for public performance of your compositions. Royalties that fall under this umbrella include radio and TV usages, live shows in a licensed venue, and other types of public performances.

A lot of musicians sign up for a PRO, create a publishing name, and think that’s all there is to it. In reality, public performance income is just one of several streams of potential revenue that a true publisher or publishing administrator (like Koze) can collect on your behalf.

Mechanical royalties that are generated by streaming services (Spotify), a ‘sync’ of one of your songs on a TV show, film, or commercial, or downloads of your music (iTunes, Amazon), are all examples of royalties that your PRO doesn’t collect for you. Mechanical rights societies like Music Reports and Harry Fox operate independently of the PROs, and collect royalties that are inaccessible until an artist either becomes an affiliate of each of the many global societies, or chooses to work with someone like a publishing administrator, who has those relationships in place already. Instead of spending your valuable time attempting the long process of affiliating with each society (not to mention the affiliate fees), Koze will help you collect everything you’re owed minus a commission.

What is an IPI number?

If you have affiliated as a writer at a performing rights organization, you may have noticed a nine or ten digit number next to your name. This is referred to as your writer IPI number (IPI standing for Interested Parties Information), and it is significant.

Imagine your name is John Smith. You, John Smith, then write a hit song and register it at BMI. A few days later, you want to make sure it is registered correctly, so you log into BMI's online repertoire and type in "Smith, John." Your name appears, alright . . . along with 186 others. What you thought was going to take 20 seconds is going to take 20 minutes.

That is where your IPI number comes in handy. Think of it as your worldwide, unique identifier. Although there are 187 John Smiths at BMI, there is only one with the IPI number 756403242. If you also affiliate at your PRO as a publisher, your publishing entity will be assigned one as well.

It is crucial to know your correct IPI number. To obtain it, please search your PRO's public repertoire and find the writer's name linked to your songs. If you're new to your PRO, or if you cannot find your number, please write to your PRO to obtain it. Remember, if you provide Koze with the incorrect number, it will be possible for your royalties to go to the wrong Person. We don’t want John Smith #145 to be laughing all the way to the bank.

Links to PRO repertoire searches can be found below:





The Sync Process:

  • Koze establishes relationships with music supervisors, creative agencies, production companies, creative directors, producers in the industry and receives briefs from them requesting music. Koze proactively pitches your music to shows, films, video games, and advertising agencies.
  • Koze makes playlists of your music for these opportunities and then negotiates the fees, agreement terms and license on your behalf.
  • Koze has sync representatives all over the globe directly pitching your music for opportunities.