You’ve probably heard an Outasight song even if you’re unfamiliar with the artist moniker. His distinct sound mixes hard hitting hip-hop, pop, and soulful funk to create all-out party jams. The Yonkers, NYC native was a music obsessed kid who went from sneaking into nightclubs and concerts to headlining those same events.

In addition to performing all over the world (Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), he also has a string of countless syncs. Outasight’s hits ‘The Wild Life’ and ‘The Boogie’ were the soundtracks to various major campaigns including Apple, Bud Light, Mountain Dew, and more! Rolling Stone magazine described OU’s mix a “potent cocktail” and Billboard magazine dubbed him a “hitmaker”.

Outasight’s music continues to be used by massive brands, films, and video games, garnering millions of independent streams.