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Auckland, NZ based Racing’s first, self titled/produced EP was met with immediate critical acclaim, showcasing a sound that is mesmeric and ominous. Known for their ferocious live show, Racing take rock and roll and inject it with a chemical haze so potent the listener is left both pleased and punished. Once likened to “the thoughts of a crocodile in flood season”, the band crafts a swirling sea of hypnotic grooves into rock anthems drenched in weird tropical dance music. 

From the darkness of the late night dive bars where they cut their teeth, to playing summer festivals across New Zealand, the four members of Racing have come together to create a massive sound that challenges anything from their collective musical past.

“..“The Bass” is a stunning track that proves there are still ways for artists to completely craft a brand new, innovative sound that continues to push boundaries across the indie rock realm.”
- The Revue