Koze Music and The NFL Network Collaboration: 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City!

To kick off the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City this year, Koze Music and the NFL Network teamed up with artist Sada K. and producer Braden the Young to bring you an amazing custom cover of the classic Fats Domino song "Kansas City"!

We were honored to work closely with these great artists and the NFL Network to bring you this emotive, larger-than-life reimagining of a classic which aired live during the 2023 Draft - if you missed it, check it out at

Be sure to keep an ear and an eye out ahead of Kansas City's season opening game on September 7th - we have a feeling you just might be hearing this one as the Chiefs defend their Super Bowl title against the Lions!

Koze Music at SXSW 2023!

Koze Music is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring an event at SXSW 2023 this year! If you’d like to stop by and say hello, please email a request for RSVP to

NEW Epic, Trailerized Hip-Hop EP from Black Hydra x Easy McCoy!

Koze Music proudly presents: “GIANTS” - A collection of Orchestral, Trailerized Hip-Hop Compositions by artist/composer collaboration, Easy McCoy and Black Hydra.

Known for their custom trailers for massive films like Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Creed, The Avengers, and many more - Black Hydra’s body of work is second to none.

Not to be outshined, rapper Easy McCoy’s unadulterated, hard-hitting lyrics and rhymes seamlessly embed into these monumental scores, creating the perfect songs to bring your Promo/Trailer Campaign to life.

These Trailerized Orchestral/Score versions offer more strings & orchestral elements to elevate into the Trailer & Promo world. The single “Giant” sounds like Gotham City on a Friday night - menacing & driving ever forward, while “Levels” brings the maximum number of Risers, Drops, and Hard Hits packed into one song!

Check out their brand new EP - available now on all streaming platforms!

Label Feature: Small Stone Records

Koze Music is stoked to announce our partnership with the Detroit rock label, Small Stone Records. Explore an impressive ONE STOP catalog of over 20 bands, spanning genres like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Doom, Psychedelic, Stoner Rock, Retro/Classic Rock and more!

Featuring a dynamic roster of bands, Small Stone Records have carved their own niche and served as the benchmark for underground rock since its founding in 1995. From Sundrifter’s reflective, atmospheric lament 'I Want To Leave' to Five Horse Johnson’s gritty Southern rock stinger 'Jake Leg Boogie', we’ve got all your rock needs covered! Intense, adrenaline-inducing records like 'Greed Springs Eternal' by Pale Grey Lore and 'Near Enemy' by SHUN offer exhilarating soundscapes perfect for injecting new vitality and momentum when you need it.

Searching for the latest and greatest? Abrams’ brand new album In The Dark details the inherent angers, fears, frustrations, and joys that come with “living in a world gone mad”. The Denver rockaholics fuse pounding drums and bombastic riffs with addictive vocal hooks to create a fuzzed out, hard rock-driven record. Tracks such as "Like Hell"  and “In the Clouds” are sure to grab your attention from the moment you hit play!

Authentic 60's and 70's music from the legendary Billboard-charting singer and songwriter Country Johnny Mathis!

Country Johnny Mathis crafts open-hearted country records rooted in authenticity, with a soulful, organic twang that immediately draws listeners in.

As heard on CBS’s Young Sheldon, "My Heart Is On The Paper (1968)" is primed to tug at the heartstrings through the use of minimal instrumentation, tender vocals, and heartfelt lyricism.

On the hunt for a country gospel classic? We’ve got you covered! "I Found Jesus (1967)" is a timeless gem about the healing power of faith. (“When the world looked so dark / I found Jesus and He's right here in my heart”)

Don’t miss the prolific singer-songwriter’s uplifting tune "Just Do The Best You Can (mid-1960's)" as it’s featured in the 2022 national TV commercial ‘19th Hole’ for Michelob ULTRA.

If You Don't Know Country Johnny Mathis:

Country Johnny Mathis was an American country artist born in Maud, Texas on September 28, 1930. He got his start in 1949 when he signed to StarTalent, and went on to record for a number of record labels including Columbia, Mercury, United Artists, among many others. In 1953, Johnny secured a Top 5 hit as part of the duo Jimmy & Johnny, and a decade later, snagged his highest-charting single as a soloist.

In addition to performing on legendary stages such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Louisiana Hayride, Country Johnny Mathis toured with several well-known artists like Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, and George Jones - just to name a few.

Country Johnny Mathis is also credited with penning over 500 songs, some of which have been recorded by several Country Music and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees including Jimmy Dean, Charlie Pride, Ray Price, and Elvis Costello.

Peach Tree Rascals' New EP: "Does A Fish Know It's Wet?"

This LA-based collective bring infectious, feel-good vibes and effortless swagger with their brand new EP!

Peach Tree Rascals are making waves as one of the hottest bands to hit the scene. Having already achieved viral success with their hit "Mariposa", which was used in over 1.6 million videos on TikTok, their highly anticipated EP Does A Fish Know It's Wet? is available now.

The group displays an effortless knack for combining infectious pop melodies, emotionally resonant lyrics, and smooth R&B grooves. Standouts from their new EP include the vibrant, optimistic tune ‘Good Advice’ and the playful alt-pop bop 'Let U Go'.

Check out their new album on all streaming platforms, along with catalog favorites like "Mango", which playfully meanders between uber-catchy pop melodies and hard-hitting rap flows, as well as the breezy, sun-tinged gem "Summa" which simply feels like the summertime.

Georgia Lines' New Album: "Human"

Rising New Zealand artist Georgia Lines creates soulful, feel-good, R&B-influenced-pop. Combining dreamlike vocals with effortless melodies and lyrics, she’s quickly garnered a fanbase across the globe.

Her brand new EP Human features songs like "Faith", a radio-ready soul pop anthem with an incredible catchy chorus, and "Save Me" - an intimate, emotive ballad which perfectly showcases Georgia's vocal range.

With millions of streams across all platforms, Georgia’s music has been featured frequently on popular Spotify and Apple Music playlists, and received widespread play on commercial radio in New Zealand. Georgia has also collaborated with a cast of well-known international writers, producers and musicians, including award-winning producer Djeisan Suskov (BENEE).

Ozomatli's New Album: "Marching On"

Produced by David Garza (Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters), Ozomatli’s highly anticipated album “Marching On” is now available on all platforms! Highlights include the uplifting title track "Marching On", which features themes of hope and perseverance: “We’ll keep marching strong / Born to be survivors though they try to fight us / Continue on like the rising sun”.

Weaving seamlessly between English and Spanish, "Mi Destino" is an inspiring, genre-bending tune all about the road we travel on to fulfill our own destiny. Don’t miss Ozomatli’s fiery new single "Sacude" which will surely encourage you to shake off toxicity and get groovin’!

"Forever" by HØØKS hits #1 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles chart!

Congratulations to HØØKS, whose new single "Forever" recently hit #1 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles chart! An infectious blend of punchy beats and hip-swaying Latin rhythms, fused with modern pop sensibilities, HØØKS' music sounds both futuristic and timeless - and sits perfectly alongside contemporaries like Bruno Mars & Shawn Mendes.

Check it out on Spotify!


We're proud to announce Easy McCoy’s placement of the song “Deja Vu (Ft.TYuS)" as the title theme song for the new, re-imagined dramatic reboot Bel-Air on Peacock!

Head over to Peacock to stream all of Season 1, and be sure to check out the song on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform!

Artist Spotlight: Amai Kuda et Les Bois

Toronto-based artist Amai Kuda et Les Bois defies genres with their unique combination of Afrosoul, Afropop, folk, roots, blues and traditional African continental music. The group has been hailed as “earthy, rootsy and good for your ears” by CBC’s Errol Nazareth and is the winner of the 2021 Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Folk/Roots group.

For Amai Kuda et Les Bois, music is about healing - as individuals, society and the earth - and this undercurrent weaves its way throughout all their music, from acoustic ballads to Afropop grooves to alt-rock & hip hop infused political tracks.

Their newest album (yet to be fully released online, vinyl only) features an eclectic mix of songs ranging from the hypnotic, emotive “Mother's Home” to the driving, yearning “Oshun” (with lyrics in English & Yoruba). Other standout tracks include the playful & optimistic “Train”, and her most recent single “Love Song” - a feel good track with nods to doo-wop & classic soul.

Artist Spotlight: Georgia Lines

Rising New Zealand artist Georgia Lines creates soulful, feel-good, R&B-influenced-pop. Combining dreamlike vocals with effortless melodies and lyrics, she’s quickly garnered a fanbase across the globe.

With more than 2 million streams across all platforms, Georgia’s music has been featured frequently on popular Spotify and Apple Music playlists, and received widespread play on commercial radio in New Zealand. Georgia has also collaborated with a cast of well-known international writers, producers and musicians, including award-winning producer Djeisan Suskov (BENEE).

Standout tracks include the grooving, yet smooth and soulful “Made for Loving”, as well as “I Got You”, an intimate and vulnerable love song and her most recent single.

New EP From Jennie Lawless

Jennie Lawless writes playful, dreamy indie pop songs characterized by unconventional synth textures, lush harmonies, and sincere, disarming lyrics - which manage to feel both experimental and precise.

Jennie explores and distills her personality into her songs, which always come equipped with a peculiar hook or clever phrase. Highlights from her just-released EP I Am Here To Make Friends (July 16th, 2021) include the dreamy, R&B-tinged "Notice of Visit", and the haunting, breathy vocal layers of "Simple Crimes" - and be sure to check out the unexpectedly lush horns featured in "Emily's Favorite Song".

Pride Month Playlist!

In support of Koze's LGBTQ+ artists, we’re proud to feature an amazing selection of songs across various genres (separated into sections) to help celebrate Pride Month!

Standouts include intricately crafted indie pop songs from Clay "Feelings" and alt-pop empress Adaline "Stronger", and intense, powerful hip-hop tracks from Jade Josephine "Out The Cage".

Good Terms | New Album "Turning Point"

Good Terms display a diverse sonic palette ranging from punk to anthemic emo pop to blistering double time hardcore - with a sprinkle of everything you know and love from the emo, pop-punk & hardcore scenes.

Their recently released, One Stop album Turning Point (April 9th, 2021) is packed with catchy, hard-hitting pop-punk bangers, along with heavy dose of shred and heartfelt lyricism. Standout tracks include the first pumping "More Than I Deserve", the earnest, densely syncopated "Wasted My Age" and the anthemic title track "Turning Point".

2021 Juno Nominee Craig Stickland | New EP

Toronto-based artist Craig Stickland combines vivid singer-songwriter sensibilities with bluesy bombast to uncover a signature style at the crossroads between soul, folk, pop, and rock & roll. Koze is proud to present his recently released EP While We Wait For The Sun To Rise (2021) and his Juno-nominated 2020 album Starlit Afternoon!

".. encompasses all things soul, blues, and rock n' roll. His incredibly versatile range allows him to perform beautifully orchestrated pieces." - Spindle


Atta Boy returns with their sophomore album Big Heart Manners (June 26th, 2020), a triumphant example of what the music industry has been missing. After seeing over 15 million Spotify spins of their first album Out Of Sorts, the new album marks a welcome return for expectant fans and critics alike.

The band is known for taking a refined yet unorthodox approach to songwriting, showcasing Eden Brolin's personal and intricate storytelling alongside tasteful, often understated instrumentation. Big Heart Manners blends the best of alt-country, indie and folk to great effect - be sure to check out the standout tracks "Shade", "Halfway" and "Night".


Koze artist, Matt Sheehy of Lost Lander, co-wrote "One More Second" released September 11, 2020 as part of  Matt Berninger's (The National) new solo project. His upcoming debut solo album, Serpentine Prison, is produced by renowned Memphis multi-instrumentalist Booker T. Jones and will be released on October 16th on Book Records, a new imprint of Concord Records.


Canadian alt-pop empress Adaline's new album Dear Illusion, (April 24th, 2020), marks the fourth release for the captivating songwriter.

Largely produced by noteworthy German producer Maximilian Jaeger (Diplo, Big Sean), and inspired by the landscape of California and its isolation, there is a noted shift from the moody sound of her previous work.  Breezy pop hooks are infused with stories of disillusionment, addiction and a journey into a revelatory love, and darker themes are paired with a sonic lightness that is ethereal and bright.

Adaline's emotive pop tracks have seen numerous TV and film placements, including Grey's Anatomy, 90210, Workin' Moms, Wynonna Earp, and The Samaritan (starring Samuel L. Jackson). She's also enjoyed millions of spins across platforms, with impressive streaming stats, critical praise and a devoted fan base.


Hailaker's new album Holding (April 24th, 2020), sees the UK band expand and perfect their sound, first explored on their 2019 self-titled debut album. As with Novo Amor, Hailaker's work is vulnerable and emotive, but on a more intimate & subdued level. At the core of their music is intricate songwriting with stirring harmonies and delicate instrumentation, punctuated by bursts of emotion that are at once restrained and grandiose.

The group has seen millions of streams on Spotify, with new songs like "Wild" and "Caffeine Rivers" performing well alongside standouts from 2019 including "Famous" (vocals by Novo Amor's Ali Lacey).